UNRIYO has a new Doctorate in Computer Science, a young Doctoral graduate from Harbin University of Science & Technology, China

Respati University Yogyakarta again has a new Doctor of Computer Science,  Putra Wanda , a young doctor who graduated from  Harbin University of Science & Technology , China who won a Doctorate (Ph.D) degree through research in the field of Data Science in Computer Network.  This Informatics undergraduate study program lecturer completed 3.5 years of doctoral studies with a full scholarship from CGS International. 

Putra Wanda, is an alumnus of the Informatics Study Program, Universitas Respati Yogyakarta who successfully continued his master's degree at Gadjah Mada University (UGM) through a full scholarship program from Dikti. While in college he was the recipient of the Academic Achievement Development Scholarship (PPA), the recipient of the BPPDN DIKTI, the recipient of the International Scholarship for PhD, China Government Scholarship (CSC) on a full scholarship.

During his doctoral studies, he managed to publish about 8 scientific articles in reputable international journals and was invited as a reviewer at several international conferences in the field of computers. In fact, some of his research results with international standards have been published by IEEE, Elsevier and Springer Nature, which incidentally are the most prestigious publishers in the world.

As proof of competence in the IT field, this  young lecturer in the Informatics Study Program, Faculty of Science & Technology, Universitas Respati Yogyakarta  has several  international certifications such as MTCNA, MTCRE, CSCU, JNCA and several certificates as a reviewer for journals and international conferences.  To become a reviewer of international journals, one must have a solid portfolio of publications for several years. In addition, various award certificates have been obtained at national and international levels during their study abroad.

When he returned to the academic environment, Dr. Wanda hopes to continue her academic works and can provide a new color for institutional development through strengthening the concept of teaching and research university. His hard work deserves to be appreciated. Moreover, the trust given is answered with full responsibility and a myriad of proud achievements.

Welcome Back Dr. Wanda's son.

UNRIYO has a new Doctorate in Computer Science, a young Doctoral graduate from Harbin University of Science & Technology, China



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