UNRIYO's collaboration with the Indonesian Air Force's Health Polytechnic (Polktekes)

The meeting and discussion between Respati Yogyakarta University (UNRIYO) and the Indonesian Air Force Health Polytechnic (Polktekes) went well and smoothly. The meeting and discussion discussed the Tridarma of Higher Education cooperation which led to the Independent Focus on Learning on the Independent Campus (MBKM) and the Advanced Study program led by Deputy Chancellor II UNRIYO Mr. Dr. Setiyanto, DEA with the Director of the Indonesian Air Force Poltekes, Drs. Purwanto Budi T,MM,Apt. The agreement and the technical cooperation plan were supported by a team from UNRIYO and the Indonesian Air Force Poltekes to quickly materialize properly.

The collaboration aims with a shared mission and vision to support and agree on each other, move forward together to become a better and achieving institution in line with the development of education in accordance with the direction of the Minister of Education and Culture.


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