Rector's Remarks

Prof. Dr. dr. Santoso, MS, Sp.Ok

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
Salam Sejahtera for all of us ...
Om swastiastu...
Namo Budaya...
Salam Kebajikan...

Welcome to the official website (Official Web) of Universitas Respati Yogyakarta (UNRIYO).

We are very pleased and happy for your visit to the website of Universitas Respati Yogyakarta and hopefully we can provide a lot of information about us that you want to know.

In the midst of fierce competition from private universities in DIY and Indonesia, UNRIYO continues to improve and improve its existence and accountability towards Good University Governance (GUG) that is trusted and able to compete at the global level. UNRIYO is also required to be able to produce superior and tough graduates to face the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Society 5.0 which has an impact on technological disruption and the digital economy.

To realize the Vision of becoming an Excellent University, Capable of Entrepreneurship and Competing at the Global Level in 2038 , UNRIYO continues to move forward with various breakthroughs and planned strategies. Adjustment of the curriculum, including developing the Merdeka Learning Campus Merdeka (MBKM) program, is one of the steps taken by establishing various international and domestic collaborations.

Changes in the learning system during the Covid-19 pandemic taught many things and demanded UNRIYO develop an Online and Blended Learning system and demanded students to be more independent in learning. All of them support graduates who are ready for the world of work and able to compete in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0, which prioritizes artificial intelligence and the digital economy. The impact of technological disruption (technology disruption) and technological innovation (technology Innovation), will make more and more jobs with human labor lost to be replaced by machines and technology. Therefore, UNRIYO really must produce innovative graduates and have an entrepreneurial spirit to deal with these conditions through smart campus management.

UNRIYO is known as the Bhinneka Tunggal Ika campus in Yogyakarta, because its students come from 34 provinces and also abroad. Currently, more than 10,000 UNRIYO Alumni are spread throughout the country. Various academic and non-academic achievements have been achieved by UNRIYO, both by students and lecturers.

UNRIYO is 3 of 107 Universities in DIY that developed Health Promoting University (HPU). With the HPU program, UNRIYO prepares graduates who are not only smart and accomplished, but also have excellent health levels. A green campus, a smoke-free campus, a healthy canteen and high-quality health services for students are real steps taken by UNRIYO as a HPU campus.

Hopefully the UNRIYO Web which contains various information about Vision and Mission, History, Profiles, Education Programs, Organizational Structure, New Student Admissions (PMB), activities and others can provide information that visitors expect.

Bersama Respati Raih Prestasi

Prof. Dr. dr. Santoso, MS, Sp.Ok